Mercatus - Refrigeração e Estruturas Metálicas Alagoa SA

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V5 - Waste Disposal Cooler
At Mercatus health comes first, and the waste coolers are the ideal equipment for commercial kitchens and other bacteriologically sensitive environments.
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V1 - 40 mm Beverage Keg Cooler
The modular keg box was developed to rapidly cool down beverages to the perfect temperature, ideal for small premises.
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V7 - 50 mm Beverage Keg Cooler
Fresh beer on tap even during times of high stock rotation due to the large storage capacity ranging from 2 to 16 kegs.
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V4 - Chiller Stock Cabinet
Suited to conserve fruits and vegetables but also has a game version, developed to quickly cool, hang and perfectly age wild game meat.
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