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Your partner for 24/7 food preservation, Teknae’s 360º range has a solution for every need - refrigerators, freezers, dual-temp, slim, regular or wide.

M1 - GN2/1 Refrigerator Cabinet
M1 refrigerated cabinet has the ability to elevate food flavour and freshness.
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M2 - GN2/1 Freezer Cabinet
The M2 freezer cabinet not only has preserves food taste but also ensures it's healthy.
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M8 - GN2/1 X-wise Refrigerator Cabinet
The M8 is designed for the chilled storage and holds GN 2/1 pans in crosswise insertion.
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M18 - GN2/1 X-wise Freezer Cabinet
The M18 freezer cabinet as a lots of space in a small footprint, designed to hold up to 8x GN2/1 pans in a crosswise insertion.
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M5 - GN 2/1 Combi Cabinet
The M5 offers dual temp storage for professional foodservice to conserve separately frozen from fresh products.
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Q1 - Slim GN1/1 Refrigerator Cabinet
With the Q1 in a small footprint benefit from the best technology and innovation has to offer with Dialog IoT system.
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Q2 - Slim GN1/1 Freezer Cabinet
Because every detail matters, the Q2 slim freezer cabinet has the ability to maintain food flavour for longer.
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