O2 - 80 mm Cold Room

Available in a total of 35 combinations with capacities ranging from 2,3 m³ to 13,0 m³, the O2 cold rooms have 80 mm thick insulation, suitable for both chiller and freezer versions.

The plug-in concept and the quick and easy assembly are unbeatable: the cooling unit comes completely pre-mounted in a panel, which eliminates the need for cutting and drilling, and the interchangeable modular panels allow positioning both the cooling unit panel and the door panel according to the needs in most of the combinations.

The energy-efficient and cost-beneficial cooling units rely on high efficiency components to offer superior performance and reduce power consumption and are designed to perform their best even under warm ambient conditions (climate class 5, 40°C and 40% RH).

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O2 - 80 mm Cold Room

80 mm thick insulation cold room, suitable for chilled temperature. A total of 35 combinations, with capacities ranging from 2,3 m³ to 13,0 m³.