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Optimise your kitchen workflow and shorten the staff walking with Teknae refrigerated counters and undercounters.

L2 - GN1/1 Refrigerator Counter
The L2 is designed to preserve perishable foodstuff such as fresh meat, wet fish and other delicate products. 
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T2 - GN1/1 Freezer Counter
The T2 high performance refrigeration system and execptional insulation thickness.
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L20 - GN1/1 Combi Counter
The L20 dual temp counter combines two separate sections.
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B1 - GN2/1 Pass-through Refrigerator Counter
The B1 pass-through counter is a true all-rounder. The extra wide doors provide easy access to the huge interior.
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B2 - GN2/1 Refrigerator Counter
The space-saving B2 undercounter offering a large capacity in a small footprint.
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U1 - GN1/1 Under Broiler Refrigerator Counter
The U1 under broiler counter is a refrigerated base for modular cooking.
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U2 - GN1/1 Under Broiler Freezer Counter
The U2 under broler is a freezer base for modular cooking.
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U3 - GN2/3 Under Broiler Refrigerator Counter
The U3 under broiler is a compact chiller base for preparation areas.
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L1 - GN2/3 Refrigerator Counter
The shallow depth L1 counter was designed to preserve food and ingredients at their very best.
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T1 - GN2/3 Freezer Counter
The shallow depth T1 counter was designed to conserve frozen products at their very best.
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R2 - GN1/1 Bistrot Refrigerator Counter
R2 has a high performance refrigeration in the ideal size width that facilitates the handling of contents.
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